About Chedid Insurance Brokers

As we seek to bring excellence in insurance to the world, we’ve expanded across the globe where today, we at Chedid Insurance Brokers, a Chedid Capital Holding venture, have numerous offices that span across many cities. 

Chedid Insurance Brokers has evolved over the course of time, and is today considered to be one of the most reliable insurance broking networks in the Middle East and Africa regions, growing stronger with every step it takes. Our success is based on our ability to satisfy your needs, whilst exceeding your expectations. 

At Chedid Insurance Brokers, it is our promise to become your trusted advisor; a reliable and loyal partner that you can turn to for all manners of insurance risk. Building trust can only be achieved through honesty, integrity and the ability to deliver what is promised; all of which are qualities and values we are committed to and practice on a daily basis.

We recognize how individual requirements for each client are unique, whether a simple transaction or complex risk solutions, your company’s best interest is our priority. 


In the event of a major loss to your business or personal property, the adequacy of the insurance protection you have purchased is paramount. When making such a significant purchase it is important to enlist the services of experts:

  • Experts who will assist you to assess and mitigate your risks
  • Experts who will design and place your insurance program with solid security at the best available price
  • Experts who will ensure that the information provided to underwriters is of sufficient breadth and quality.
  • Experts who will provide you with flexibility in the choice of Insurance terms and providers
  • Experts who will be on your side in the event of any dispute over coverage scope or quantum of claim
  • Experts who will manage claims collection from insurers with minimum delay
  • Experts you can rely on to represent you professionally and with pride
  • Experts who provide solutions across all lines of business
  • Experts like Chedid Insurance Brokers